In Buterin’s post, he describes a smart contract in which token holders vote to set two mechanisms: a “tap” and a “refund.” First, the tap is the rate at which the smart contract would allow the issuing team to draw down ether from the smart contract that holds funds raised in a crowdsale. Source: Link… Read More

There are more than 570 Million farms worldwide, most of which are small and family operated, and rely on their livestock for their living. These smallholder farmers rely on seasonal agricultural production for their livelihoods. Approximately 70% of the global food production comes from small-scale agriculture. Most of those farmers, worldwide, do not insure their… Read More

Because bitcoin is an asset, property, it is subject to Israeli capital gains, which range to a high of 25 percent. Miners, if the implications remain, seem to be stuck with the worst of it, as they’re not only to pay capital gains but also VAT, which could boost their tax bill to some 42%.… Read More

Switzerland has long been a global center for the wealth management industry, housing around $2 trillion, or 27 percent, of global offshore wealth.  Since 1934, Swiss bankers and regulators have resisted the efforts of foreign tax regulators, including the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in the US, to obtain information about secret Swiss bank accounts. They… Read More